Check out at Vet was perfect!!!  Our vet was REALLY impressed with your records and Disney!  She took a pic and will show others as a way to keep records.  She also said she will send people in need of a Cocker your way :)


Disney is not scared of anything! He is a bit of a drama king when it came to the thermometer and shots!!! You would have thought we cut off his leg :)


Thank you again! Let me know when you have more puppies and I will send people your way :)





April 7, 2018


I know I keep bothering you about the incredible puppy that I got from you. But I cannot believe the quality in this Dog. He is 7 months old Now and I get constant comments on how beautiful he is. I also have realized just how smart this little boy is and how well-bred he is.

So you are aware, my son that came with me to get the puppy has severe epilepsy. He has had 5 brain surgeries to correct this and they haven’t worked. He was granted a wish by the make a wish foundation and he wanted a seizure Dog. We were given a seizure dog that was very poorly behaved, hyper and destructive. Not to mention he did nothing but get into trouble when my son had a seizure.

As you may know, being the parent of a chronically ill child is stressful and so I got this beautiful cocker to help me and give me comfort. Which he has in so many ways. But last week he saw my son have a seizure. Our lab did nothing, his golden retriever therapy dog did nothing. But this little guy, 7 months old focused in on my son because he knew something was wrong, his ears were perked and he was intent on getting to my son. Because I had never seen this response in a Dog and because he is a puppy, I held him back, but he did not lose focus. I finally let go to see what he would do and he curled up in my son’s lap to comfort him. He was very calm and loving. He stayed there “watching” until my son fell asleep.

Do we finally, after 16 years, have the seizure Dog that we have tried so hard to get? I have no idea, but we are simply in absolute awe at the quality of this Dog and the joy he brings to our lives is immeasurable.

I felt the need to thank you once again,

~~Hi Pamela ... Tomorrow my Banjo will be 3 years old ... I love this guy. He has made me laugh and made me cry! He's very much like a toddler trying my patience but we muddle through. Banjo was the dog I got after having to send my Bandit over the Rainbow Bridge. Bandit was a Jack Russell and I can't compare the two. I worried about this little 10 week old pup ... I got a wriggling little cocker spaniel, a bundle of energy and we've never looked back. He's a daily adventure and I wouldn't have it any other way! His antics are comic ... Happy Birthday little buddy! And a BIG thank you to Pamela Bigsby for sending this little guy my way .. he definitely is an alpha boy and most days we get along just fine! He's a challenge but I'm winning! I love him from the bottom of my heart! Stanfield Farms Cockers Rock!" — Barbara – Houston, TX (February 2014) Pam ... I hope that you and yours had a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We had a great holiday here in Alexandria and we were thinking about you over the holidays. Paige and I wanted you to have this picture of Madison and Monroe (see photo in our " PUPPY PHOTO GALLEY") at Christmas. They are doing well and we love them so very much. Each day we are thankful that we found your place and have two wonderful dogs as a result. I hope that 2014 is everything that you hope it will be. — Mark, Paige, Madison and Monroe (January 2014) Pam ... Well, I have to tell you our household has certainly changed. Lady Grace (see photo in our " PUPPY PHOTO GALLEY") is doing great! She is slowly learning about “going” outside, and just loves chasing and playing with our two girls. She has also made friends with our neighbors two golden retrievers and has a blast running all around the yards with them. She had her 3 month veternarian visit this am and is just a little over 7 pounds now. She is all caught up on her shots and growing like a weed! They just adore seeing her and have featured her on their facebook page. Thought you would want to know she is well and that we just adore her. Thanks! — Beth & Rod J. (April 2013) Hi Pam ... Just a little note to let you know how much I am enjoying my new little child/pup. I named him Bailey. My husband didn't like the other name I picked out so we decided on Bailey which suits him perfectly. He adjusted well from the start. I adore him! He has the greatest personality and is so laid back. He is so loving...follows me around all the time. I just so love him and I can't stop showering him with hugs. He's everything I've wanted. Thank you so much! — Marylynne (January 2013) Hi Pam ... We wanted you to see our beautiful boy, Huey (see photo in our " PUPPY PHOTO GALLEY"). After all, you were his breeder and the reason we have him. He will turn 4 in Feb. He has been such a blessing for Richard. Of all the dogs that we have had over the years, he is the most special. Rich and he go everywhere together. They just joined our church choir. Huey is a real ham in church. When the pastor says, “take a minute to greet each other”, Huey takes that as a signal to shake paws with anyone he can get to. When it's time to go up front with the choir, he sits like a statue next to Rich and doesn't move until all the songs are finished. I hope you know what a wonderful gift you give to people when you donate your precious puppies to Carol [Florida Service Dogs]. We love all of you for your sacrifices to help others.— Every morning when my husband gets up he looks over at Huey and says, “I love that dog! Good morning my boy!“ — Susan (December 2012) Hi Pam ... I have been thinking about you and your beautiful puppies. I can’t believe that Wilson will be 2 years old on November 15. It seems like yesterday my daughter and I came to pick him up. We just love him so much. He is soooooooooooooooooooooooo cute. He loves to play with tennis balls. We throw them and he brings them back. He is so playful and just walks so gracefully. Hope everything is well with you. I will take a picture of him and send it. Take care and write me a short note when you have a chance. — Ellen (October 2010) Hi Pam ... Suzi graduated from obedience yesterday! I have her in a fun match in Bradenton in a couple weeks in conformation. She is now fourteen and one forth inches tall. Largest female I have had. I took this picture( see photo in our " PUPPY PHOTO GALLEY") a couple days ago. She still has her first toy! Vera has sown the arms on many a time. Our best to yur family, — Scott & Vera (Sepember 2010) » Suzi is a black American Cocker Spaniel. Her parents are Silver Pine Mark Of A Dream aka Dreamer & Black Velvet Saint Lucie aka Velvet. Hiiiii!!! Oh my god I have sooo much to tell you! Fudge is by far the sweetest thing ever. He was quiet the entire trip and didn't pee or anything. Then when he got home, I put him on a wee wee pad and did his thing on it...he doesn't pee or poop around the house, which is surprising since he's so small. We do watch him though, just in case. He loves his toys and gets really cute when playing with them. The other animals in the house are jealous, but don't mind him. Kora, my Sphynx cat, is the only one friendly enough to play with him. She'll chase him around and he'll chase her as well. Its just too cute!! He is a cuddle machine (which I love, haha). He has won over everyone in the house with flying colors. Here are some pictures (see photo in our " PUPPY PHOTO GALLEY"). I'll send you more every once in a while so you can see him grow up too. Ohh one more thing, I tried to leash train him inside the house... and he's a natural. He walks next to me, doesn't pull and won't drag. AMAZING! He also comes when I call him. I can't believe he's that young hahaha!Much love, — Yoli (Sepember 2010) » Fudge is a chocolate American Cocker Spaniel. His parents are Champion Stanfield Farms Brownie N' Nuts aka Brownie & Stanfield Farms Precious Promise aka Promise. Pam ... Gary and I are so in love with Cookie Pie and Little Brownie. They are so loving and funny and I could go on for a while but you understand. It is so nice to have dog back in the house. We are so happy that we also took Brownie. Our vet is in love with them! Our daughter in Boston can't wait till Thanksgiving to meet the new family members. Our other daughter and family in Gainsville will most likely make a trip down in the next week or so. The first night we went to bed at 10:30 and they slept till 12:30. Let them outside to do their thing and we made it back to bed about an hour later. But they slept in till almost 6:30. So not to bad. Had a few miscues in the potty training but not to bad. They love the backyard and go a 100 miles an hour chasing each other. We think they already know they are the boss. Cookie Pie is small but mighty!! Brownie just looks at us and we melt. We also love the photos of all 19 puppies!! We are hooked! Again thank you to both you and Bill. — Sue and Gary (September 2010)» Cookie Pie and Little Brownie are chocolate American Cocker Spaniels. Their parents are Champion Stanfield Farms Brownie N' Nuts aka Brownie & Stanfield Farms Precious Promise aka Promise. Pam ... Hi, we just wanted to tell you how great Buttons is. She is loving, sweet, happy, very busy and very furry!!! She is Beautiful and we love her very, very much. Everything is okay with Buttons, she loves everybody and everything. She plays with her buddies Buffy and Little Bit. You would love seeing Little Bit (13½ year old Rottweiler) and Buttons together. They walk around the yard together and give each other kisses. Buttons and Buffy (other cocker) are playmates, when they are playing Buttons will run over to Little Bit who is watching them and gives her a kiss and then runs back over to Buffy. We just wanted to remind you and to share with you how special she is. She makes you smile every time you see her. This may be hard to believe but she has a new friend, it is a tree frog, she goes out every night and noses her tree frog. She loves swimming in the pool. She loves everything!!! How are you doing? Let us know. We see you have had a new litter of babies. We'll send pictures soon. You create beautiful kind doggies!!! — Scott Joanette, Danna, Little Bit, Buffy and Buttons (August 2010) Coco is doing really well and is the most affectionate dog I've ever had! I have been taking her to the doggy park and people there just love her, especially her temperament. Her wonderful soft and lush coat (see photo in our " PUPPY PHOTO GALLEY"), and of course those amazing eyes, attract a lot of people. — Hassan G. (February 2010) » Coco is a chocolate female Standard Poodle. Her parents are Stanfield Farms Checkers aka Checkers & Harmony's Fortune Found aka Gypsy. Yogi is doing just fine. We are very pleased with him. I did a little grooming on him. As you can see I am a little out of practice (see photo in our " PUPPY PHOTO GALLEY"). He started puppy obedience class 2 weeks ago. He was to advanced for puppy class and they moved him to a more advanced class. Hope you are doing fine! — Nick (January 2010) » Yogi is a buff male Cocker Spaniel. His parents are Champion B-Mac's Hello Darlin aka Conway & Stanfield Farms Buttercream aka Laney. Tapa's first night home went without any problems at all! Saturday night there was a little resistance to the kennel and there fore a lot of crying. So on Sunday night my son put a blanket over the kennel and she was fine. The only accident she has had in the house is when she saw her reflection in the the glass case at the bottom of the entertainment center. She saw herself and had an accident! She barks at this reflection every time! Other than that, you were right about how smart she is! Everyone in our neighborhood who has met her says she seems like a wonderful puppy!!! Thanks so much for everything! Tapa is getting her first haircut when I get home and we will send you her picture! — Tanya & Paul P. (January 2010) » Tapa is a parti female AKC Standard Poodle. Her parents are Stanfield Farms Checkers aka Checkers & Harmony's Fortune Found aka Gypsy. Pam, he is the most incredible baby! We love him already and he has only been here a few hours. Will keep you posted. Thank you – and Checkers & Gypsy! — Colleen M. (January 2010) » Zeus is a brown/white male AKC Standard Poodle. Her parents are Stanfield Farms Checkers aka Checkers & Harmony's Fortune Found aka Gypsy. I've had a dog since I was 5 but I now wish in my senior years I had discovered this wonderful Standard Poodle [Star] so many, many years ago. This is the most wonderful dog I have ever had —bright, quick, loving and the most gentle, friendly nature. I am so thankful for this terrific breeder and Pam's tremendous abilities to breed such fantastic dogs. — Dolores H. (August 2009) » Star is a parti female AKC Standard Poodle. Her parents are Stanfield Farms Checkers aka Checkers & Harmony's Fortune Found aka Gypsy. Pam ... Sorry for the delay in sending you the pictures of Madison. She is awesome! I can't tell you how many people are amazed by her appearance and soft coat and excellent disposition. Enjoy. — Mark A. (August 2009) » Madison is a black female American Cocker Spaniel. Her parents are Champion B-Mac's Hello Darlin aka Conway & Black Velvet Saint Lucie aka Velvet. Pam ... I have to tell you that my husband and I went over to see Simon AKA Buddy Saturday afternoon. Oh my gosh is all I can say. He is such a sweetheart and loves to give kisses and I love to get them. He is such a sweetheart and my parents just adore him. He is truly in a home with love. I cannot tell you how much happiness and good fun he has brought into their [my parents] home. I am telling you, he is one precious little fellow. We love him so much, as my parents do. He has given them both so much joy. I can tell you that my parents truly enjoy life and Buddy has brought so much more enjoyment to it for them. — The Powell's (October, 2008) Hi Pam ... Just wanted to say hi and thank you for breeding our puppy! We love Louie soooo! He is absolutely beautiful! He is sooo spunky and loving and cuddly and healthy! I will send you pictures soon! He is bright silver, long ears and a tuft on the top of his head! Oh we love him sooo- words can't express our feelings for him! Our neighbors love him too! Thanks again! Let me know if you ever need anyone to vouch for you! —Carrie B. (October, 2008) Hi, Other Human Mom! ... I'm doing just fine here! I have a Collie big sister named Phoebe (see us in the Photo Gallery), a mom, a dad, and their two girls, and they all take great care of me. I went to their vet. I tried to tell them that nothing was wrong with me, but I still had to go. He gave me one shot. (ouch!), but he gave me a treat with it. The vet said that I was very healthy. I just have to have some stuff put on me for the tear stain rusty mold. He said I'm 6.8 lbs! It's fun to explore! I sleep much better now in my crate because my big sister sleeps right beside it and keeps me company through the night. I know I cried a lot my last night there. Sorry! Tell my dog-mom and dog-dad that I'm very happy and healthy and miss them, but I'm all grown up now and it was time to leave home. I'll keep in touch. Love and puppy kisses. —Joey by Pam D. (July, 2008) Lacey is every thing we had hoped for and more. I will send you some pics soon. Lacey is so funny sliding around on the tile floor while playing and running! She stopped crying in the night about the 2nd night for the most part. She was so good in the car on the way home you would have been proud of her. Diane and I are very pleased with here. —Randy L. (July, 2008) Oh my gosh! He's such a good puppy! He softly whined only twice for the whole trip back. When we got home, I left him in his carrier in the yard for our Collie to "discover" so that it would be HER puppy that she brought into the house. He was a little frightened of her at first, but soon, he was following that big dog around and playing tug o' war with a sock with her. She's very gentle with him, and is so excited to have him in the house. My girls just adore him, as well as my husband. I don't think his tail stops wagging for more than a second at a time. Last night, he was so worn out from playing that he fell asleep right away in his crate at 10:30. He woke and started whining at 2:30 am, but it only lasted for 15 minutes!!. Then when we got up at 6:30, he was just quietly standing and waiting for someone to come and get him. This morning he's full of himself, exploring, and playing. Thank you for such a good puppy! I don't know how you handle giving away all those sweet babies all the time. —Cathy D. (July, 2008) Deja vu! I was going to email you later to say hello and send you some pics, we took some great ones of Manny over the past couple of days. We could not have asked for a better puppy! He is absolutely perfect. He loves all the kids and Mom and Dad. He is my little shadow wherever I go! When I left to work this morning he whimpered a little! :-( He is doing very well adjusting. He has been napping throughout the day and found a favorite spot in our bedroom bathroom on a large space of tile, its quiet there and I think he likes it! He slept practically through the night last night. I have to say that we allowed him to sleep on his new pet blanket that I got from Land's End on our bed and did not budge all night! I can imagine how much you miss all these little guys, they are just precious. His temperament his perfect, all he does is wag his tail! He is getting the hang of going the bathroom outside and we have been rewarding him with a little treat each time he does. I think he'll have the hang of it sooner or later. Anytime he goes around the house I have several informants on duty!!! hehe :-) —Kristine W. (July, 2008) My daughter is lucky enough to have one of your chocolate puppies and her name is Lola (see photo in our " PUPPY PHOTO GALLEY"). She is getting groomed tomorrow so she will be ready to celebrate her 1st Birthday and trip to Doggie Park and treats for her. I have to tell you she is the most loving puppy I have ever seen. She is smart, gentle and obeys very well. Her coat is beautiful and no one can believe her temperament. Thank you very much for breeding such beautiful puppies. —Carol H. (January, 2008) Just wanted to send a picture of Kirby from Halloween (see photo in our " PUPPY PHOTO GALLEY"). He is doing wonderful and you were not kidding, he really is a joy to have around. Everywhere we go, people comment on how absolutely adorable he is. We don´t like the cocker cut so we keep him shaggy looking. He will be 10 months old this month! —Greg R. (October, 2007)